Saturday, January 10, 2009

All gave some, Some gave All Military Honor Vinyl Decal

I am not sure why, but the love I have for our flag, our constitution, early leaders of our country, and those who have died defending truth and right has always run deep and strong in my heart and soul. I still cry when our flag comes by us on the street during a parade. I have grandparents and uncles that have served in various branches of military honorably and I have respect for the honor in which they served. So here is a tribute....

Honor those whom have served with these patriotic vinyl graphics. Choose the branch of military that is appropriate for your home or as a gift!

Design is 12 x 12 square and will work great on walls with hanging military awards and honors or on a tile for display!

**Please note, image is computer skewed to prevent copying- actual cut will be smooth and beautiful**


Anonymous said...
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Empressive Designs said...

Alright, I misspelled a word- I didn't think it looked right when I typed it! Guess that's what happens when you are up designing @ 2am!! Thanks for the heads up- I am fixing it! Boy am I embarassed!