Friday, January 23, 2009

Sesame Street's Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, and More Vinyl Decals

Does your child adore Elmo? Or how about the count?

Decorate your child's space with his or her favorite Sesame Street characters! Add Embellishments like toys, birds, signs, fish, ect, for only $2! Add customized lettering for $5!

Choose which Sesame Street decal you want to adhere a child's wall, put on a sign or door, add to a lampshade, put on a child's headboard, mirrors, a glass block light, and more!

Sizes AVAILABLE on Etsy:
Single small decal 6" tall for $6
Single Medium decal 10" tall for $10.00
Single Large decal 12" tall for $15.00
Package of 5 Large decals for $45.00
DISCOUNTED 2 pks (10 Large Decals) $75.00
.... email me if you are interested in another size or package! ***********************************************************
* Licensed images are free, payment is only for my time to assemble the designs and cost of materials.

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